Bible Translation Projects

Mark and Janet Case are supporting church planting in Paraguay. Their heart’s desire is to see thriving churches that will reach the next generation!

Please pray for continued progress in translations in Paraguay and for people to have a thirst for God’s Word. More than ever, access is needed to God’s Word, which is the “lamp to our feet, and a light to our path.”

In Paraguay, the mission is currently involved in four different translation projects. Two teams are working on the Old Testament, one team is part way through the New Testament, and another team is doing a complete revision of the New and Old Testaments that were done originally over 40 years ago. The desire is to see each of these groups have the whole Bible in their heart language.

Thank you for your part in reaching the indigenous people of Paraguay with the Gospel, seeing God’s Word translated into their heart language, and discipling believers in their walk with God through prayer.

Please pray for the many different Scripture translations that are in progress around the world!  Every day more Scripture is being translated, but there is still much to be done! There are still around 2,000 people groups without God’s Word in their own language.