Bible reprint

Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen knew they needed to do something about it even if it meant a later date for finishing the Phase I lessons. They first wrote about the need for a reprint of the Kankana-ey Bible back in April 2016. They thought back then that the new copies would be off the press by this time, but process was not quite that simple.

They were thankful to be able to get the ball rolling – at least to the point of obtaining signatures from twelve organisations, in addition to NTM, who were behind it, so that they could send the required written letter requesting a reprint. They were convinced that they really could use 10,000 copies.

Once the finances are in order to support the printing, they will officially be on the waiting list for a reprint! Since there is only one printer in the Philippines with paper to print scripture on, it is first come, first served.

Meanwhile their translator is carefully going over the translation verse by verse with a fine toothcomb, checking for any typos or any possible changes that are necessary.

It will be an exciting day when Ragnar and Elizabeth hear that the Bibles are next in line – and even more exciting when they come off the press and are in the hands of the Kankana-ey. Until then continue to pray, pray, pray!

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