Bible dedication

Missionaries were able to travel in by boat, taking newly printed copies of Old Testament portions. These are the passages used in chronological teaching. Next year they would like to make the first reprint of the New Testament and combine it with the OT portions into one book. Graham and Carol would love to be there when those are taken in. At present there is no way that it seems possible, but if the Lord wants them to be there, then anything can happen.
Also through April/May, the Malaumanda people received their first copies of the NT in their language. (Graham spent a lot of time helping prepare wood and houses for missionaries to move into Malaumanda).
Then down river from Bisorio, the Waxe also have finally got the New Testament. Graham and Carol worked with some of these folks as they came up river for medical help and helped on the airstrip.
Sinow is another people group receiving copies of the NT in their own language this spring.
When Graham and Carol hear reports like these, it encourages them that although they have had to remain in the UK, God has given them a ministry where they are involved in the lives of those who will be working with other tribes and bringing God’s Word to them.
This month will be busy for Graham as the grass is growing fast and for Carol and the kitchen team as they get ready for Conference when 230 adults and children are booked in for the weekend.
Graham and Carol are also preparing for their son Keith and Bethany’s wedding on July 11th. Pray for Keith and Bethany as they look for a flat and Keith looks for a job. They will be based around Potters Bar, near London, close to the campus for Beth’s veterinary studies. She still has three years study left.
It has been lovely for Graham and Carol to have their son Mike with wife Lily and daughter Alice going through the training at North Cotes throughout the year. Mike has a job set up back in Germany and Lily’s folks have just found them a flat. They are planning on seeing how God leads over the next two years, but have committed to helping with the youth group of their church for that time at least. Lord willing Graham and Carol will be able to visit them from time to time.
Pray for Graham and Carol’s youngest son Caleb as he is also going through the training at North Cotes this year and is looking to see what the Lord has for him in the future. He has been applying for carpentry apprenticeships but so far with no success.
Carol’s dad keeps reasonably well. Graham’s mum has slowed down but still living independently with visits from family. Graham’s check-ups have gone well; campus work and projects keep him busy. Carol is praying for God to provide a new kitchen manager so that she will have time to be more involved with individual students.

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