Believers baptised

After going through a course about believers’ baptism where Chad Mankins talked about what baptism is and what baptism is not, two believing couples from the Tobo church in Papua New Guinea wanted to be baptised immediately, and a small group gathered at the stream to witness the baptisms.

Chad and Janeene Mankins serve itinerantly, translating the Bible for the Tobo people. Chad shares, “For the first time in 22 years of our ministry among the Tobo people, I had the privilege of baptising four Tobo believers! … These four men and women have truly been freed, and they gratefully chose this picture of baptism to identify as believers in their Rescuer.”

Please pray for the small Tobo church. There are several other believers who are still considering following the example of the first four who were baptised. Chad and Janeene would love to see them step out in faith as well. It is hard for them to take a step like this in the culture that they live in.