Being a part

Paul and Bella Gervasi have have plugged right back in to life in Asia-Pacific after a short trip to the USA. Paul has been working on the “back to English” translations of the book of Psalms. Bella has been checking Proverbs with her language helpers. Before they left Paul had worked ahead at lesson making, but now most of those lessons are taught and it is time again to be making lessons. Please keep praying that they will be ready for their final translation check in late March. They do not just want to finish things, but they want to finish them well. Right now, most of the burden of getting ready for the check is on Bella.

Thanks so much for your prayers for Paul, Bella and for the Sekadau believers. They are constantly reminded that this church is Christ’s, and He promised that He would build it. They are grateful to have a small part in that.

Please pray:

  1. That the Sekadau believers will continue to grow in grace and knowledge of the Lord.
  2. That they would work together to do the teaching and ministering.
  3. For the continuing work on the translation, that it will be accurate and clear in this language.
  4. Bella has hurt her hand. It looks like she possibly cracked a bone and is very painful. Please pray that it will heal.