Behind the scenes

In her job as parts and store manager at NTM-Aviation Miriam Eikleboom is working in the background on the mission field of Papua New Guinea. She was all the more excited therefore, when in April she got the opportunity to fly by helicopter into a tribe. Flying over the beautiful but also impassable highlands of PNG was exciting. However, she also enjoyed meeting the people in the village; it made her again more conscious of why she is serving in PNG. It is always a special event for the tribal people too when the helicopter arrives with people who visit them.

Please pray for the team as they face logistical problems over the coming weeks. Due to an incident, one of the Kodiak aircraft is stuck in the bush where it waits for parts and repair. Besides the added work of repairing this plane, they will continue to meet a very full flight schedule with one less aircraft and maintaining all other aircrafts as required. Thank you for trusting God with them for His all-sufficient help in this time of need.

Because of her various increasing health issues Miriam went to see a doctor near Brisbane in Australia in August. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and irritated bowel caused by mould toxins. Even with thorough cleaning, it is not easy to live in a mould free environment in the tropical climate in PNG. Miriam also needed to change her diet and not all food items are as readily available in PNG. She has an appointment with this doctor in Australia in December. Please pray for Miriam’s health to improve. Whilst in Australia she was also able to take a break in Cairns.

Miriam is thankful that both her work permit and visa have recently been renewed which allows her to serve five more years in PNG.