Basic Level – High

An evaluation is basically a conversation with a native speaker for about 45 minutes. The conversation is recorded so that the consultants can listen to it and assess the students’ progress.
Olga’s goal is to reach the Capable Level-Mid which is the requirement for Paraguay. As Olga is now at Basic Level-High, she is working towards Progressing Level-Low by November. Pray that Olga will know joy as she continues with language and culture study, as it is not easy for her.
A few weeks ago Olga had the opportunity to spend a whole day with a family at their farm in the countryside to help her understand how they live. Everything is produced at the farm and they have their own cows, pigs, chickens and horses. They cook with a mud oven and Olga helped with producing sugar cane juice.
Olga really enjoyed her time at the farm even though she could not understand anything that was said as the people speak Guarani which is the second language in Paraguay. Even in the city of Asuncion people not only speak Spanish but mix it with Guarani. This means that Olga cannot avoid learning a little bit of Guarani too, but for now her priority is Spanish.

Pray that Olga would have a good relationship with her roommate. Also pray for her spiritual growth as it is not always easy to feed herself spiritually, and she misses the fellowship of other Christians.  

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