Baptisms, Conferences and Literacy

In the heart of these truths, three young girls (including Alayna!) and one older woman went forward to identify with the Saviour in baptism! Jordan and Judah were home for Christmas, as well as their co-workers, the Schlegels and the Smiths, and together (isn’t that a wonderful word?) together with the entire village they witnessed the faith of these girls take action! Such joy!

At the end of January there will be a week long teacher’s training conference led by a veteran missionary who has served the people of PNG for many years! The Dinangat teachers are excited about this opportunity to sharpen their skills. Pray that they will be encouraged in their ministries and CHALLENGED to take God’s Word beyond the borders of their village!

This summer, Jordan will begin his senior year in high school, and the Lord has brought Jeremiah and April to the conclusion that they need to be with him to help prepare him for his next steps. So they will once again be moving out to the mission centre, and will be continuing with the Dinangat ministry from there. Please pray! There is much to do between now and then and thye often feel overwhelmed. But it is the Lord’s work, and they are trusting that He will accomplish what He wants done before they re-locate!
The first Post Literacy Course begins on 9th Feb! Pray that the believers would have a strong desire to be good readers, as it directly correlates with their independent interaction with the Word of God. Sadly, this is an area in their lives that the missionaries have seen decline over the years.

The missionary team are seeking to revive the literacy programme in Dinangat, and they NEED YOUR HELP!! In 2007, the first Dinangat literacy house was built, but has over the years disintegrated because it was made of simple bush materials. Gathering those materials is extremely difficult since it involves hiking literally for hours over the mountains, cutting and hauling trees, vines and piles and piles of long grass roofing back over the mountains, build it, and then in a couple of years repeat it all over again. This project is beyond them, in more ways than one. But for the Lord, it is more than possible.

Jeremiah and April estimate it will take about £6000 to build an adequate literacy building that will last. This includes buying all the materials and then flying it all in from Goroka. This building will also double as a much needed Sunday school building for the Dinangat children.

Jeremiah and April are thrilled that in the last month three healthy babies have been born to three strong, healthy mums with no complications! On Christmas morning, a bouncing baby girl (named after April) was born.

Jeremiah and April’s goal is that the precious Dinangat children, their parents and generations beyond have a lasting place to come and gain the ability to read and love God’s life-changing Word for themselves!
Thank you for standing with Jeremiah and April through prayer. It is their privilege to be your hands and feet, serving the Lord with you for the people of Papua New Guinea!

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