The missionaries sat down with every baptismal candidate and had a personal interview, asking specific questions to find out what they really believed in and what baptism is/is not. They had to tell some people that they were not ready yet. But they had the impression that others really understood it well. So over 140 of their Pal friends were ready to get baptised! But the missionary team’s goal was not to baptise as many people as possible.
Axel and Sandra Fachner with Tom and Lilly are very grateful that God answered many of their prayers.
When they went to the baptism place their friends dammed up a little mountain creek and they enjoyed beautiful sunshine. It lasted a good while, then eventually there was quite a downpour. But God still protected them: nobody slipped and fell on those slippery rocks and they didn’t hear that anybody caught a serious cold.
The baptism service was quite simple: After Axel and Sandra’s co-worker Chris spoke about the nature of and the reason for baptism, Axel prayed a short prayer. Then the candidates were called one by one into the water where each gave a short testimony and then were baptised.
Axel and Chris baptised the first believers, but then quickly involved some of the Pal believers. They wanted to show that the position of the Baptist is not reserved for certain clergy or the likes, but that any true believer is allowed to baptise 1 Cor 1:14-17.
The missionary team still have a lot of teaching and discipleship to do to strengthen and encourage the believers in their walk with the Lord. Please pray for these young brothers and sisters. They need to think through a lot of old things and evaluate them in the light of Jesus and His Word. Old habits and worldviews do not change easily. As they are taught continually from God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will give them new understanding about marriage and family, He will reveal Satan’s lies and encourage them again and again to leave old things behind and embrace the new life.
Soon Axel and Sandra’s co-workers leave for the USA to go on home assignment.

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