Christopher and Lilli Meyer with Linda and Silas love to hear the new believers in Kaje as they meet regularly to sing praises to God and pray.

Their co-workers, the Myers, went on a six-month home assignment in March. Christopher, Lilli, Linda, Silas, and their other co-workers, the Goheens, have been in the village together for the past few months. Whilst their co-worker continues to be busy with Bible translation and Bible lesson writing, Christopher and Lilli are still in the thick of learning the Kaje language and culture. After finishing the first two phases of Bible teaching – both took the Kaje through the Bible chronologically, but the focus was different – they entered into the book of Acts. That means that the Kaje were taught on baptism some weeks ago. So cool! The team always knew that a lot of the people had understood the Gospel and placed their faith in Jesus. Now that the first baptism is coming up, more than 100 people have already come to talk to Christopher and Taylor. There have been all kinds of weird ideas about baptism before there was teaching on the subject. The team want to talk to everyone who wants to be baptised to make sure they have a clear understanding of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and on baptism. Since the number of people being baptised is so big, they decided to split the big group into more manageable numbers. The first baptism of 30 people took place on Sunday 7th June. It seems likely that they will have at least five baptism days in the weeks to come. They are so thrilled! Please pray for the upcoming baptisms.

Sadly, about three weeks ago a rather tragic event took place. One of the believers, a dear friend was injured in an altercation and needed to be taken to hospital. Christopher went with the group and stayed in town for about a week to make sure he was cared for well. Pray for his arm to heal so that he will be able to work again.

Revenge is what the people have known for too long. Now there is an underlying fear in the whole community. Pray that the people who are in God’s family now are not ruled by hate and fear but that in all this they look to God. They are truly amazed to see their injured friend and his wife’s measure of peace! It is obvious that the Holy Spirit is working in many other people’s hearts, too. Pray that the cycle of revenge will end.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!