Bang on target

Steve and Gerdine Stanley’s first consultant check revealed that they were bang on target language wise and the whole team has achieved a ‘basic-mid’ level. In the next six months, they aim to finish basic level and move into progressing level. The consultants gave them some tips on what to focus on next, and they are pushing on with more of the same. They are starting to realise just how big this language learning mountain is! Be praying that they will have the energy to keep it up.

In the first six months in Kovol everyone on their team worked really hard, some even too hard. Pray for them as they try to make adjustments to make life more manageable. They are going to try and slow down so that they have a healthy buffer of energy to deal with the things that come up.

Steve is now aiming for seven hours of language study a day rather than eight (and now often ending up with eight rather than nine!). Full days on DIY projects are now once every two weeks.

They are going to be reevaluating the amount of medical assistance they offer too. Pray that as a team they would have the wisdom to make good adjustments.

Steve and Gerdine with Oscar have spent four weeks alone in Kovol, as their co-workers were out on a break. It was a little lonelier, but they are glad to report that it went really well! They do not expect to be alone too often; but it is good for them to find it is not too bad!

Now Steve and Gerdine are taking a two-week break at Goroka. Pray for the Hansen’s who have just finished their break and are back into Kovol on their own.