Benjamin and Wina Hansen with Noah are already feeling “at home” in Bali. Nonetheless, the last few months have been difficult for all of them. Wina often felt pretty lonely and stressed both physically and emotionally. They’ve also been having difficulty getting started into language learning as they have had to figure out what the best learning styles and methods are for each of them to learn the most effectively. Ben and Wina feel as though they are still at the very, very beginning, having only made little baby steps. After bringing these things before the Lord again and again and also after they had been offered flights to Germany to attend Ben’s brother’s wedding, they changed their plans in order to better suit their needs.
Wina and Noah will travel to Germany next week and start to relax, spend time with family and friends, visit some doctors, and “recharge their batteries”. Ben will focus wholly on language and culture learning in Bali until he joins them in Germany at the end of September where they will be together for a month.
At the beginning of November Ben and Wina will have their first language and culture check.
Pray for them during this time apart and that as a family they would be really refreshed by the end of October and full of new motivation for continuing with language and culture learning in Bali.

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