Back to the village

Rainy season came to an end soon after Becki’s return. The rains haven’t been very regular and also started very late, so the harvest is not very good for the people. Most of them are able to harvest at least some funio, rice and peanuts. To make up for the lack of food in their fields, the people went to the goldmines throughout rainy season. From the little gold they found, they will be able to buy some additional rice to feed their families.
At the beginning of October, the Jalungas were celebrating a feast that resembles our Christmas. There are no presents for the kids, but they all get new outfits to wear and for a change they kill cows, sheep and goats and eat the meat. This year Becki was allowed to help cook the meal in one of the families as they wanted to eat spaghetti, and the lady didn’t know how to cook it. Becki found it very interesting to watch the family eat spaghetti with their hands.
Becki continues with language sessions and is making some progress. She is thankful for her language helper and that she takes time to explain words that Becki doesn‘t understand yet. They try to have language sessions every day. Becki has been going through stories of Genesis. It is the first time that her language helper has heard anything from the Bible, so those stories are all new and unknown to her. Pray for her that she will be able to remember some of what she hears.
Becki’s co-worker Penny is trying to finish up the translation of the Gospel of Luke. Lord willing, the translation check will take place this month.
The group that comes together for the weekly Bible teaching has grown a bit since Becki was last in the village. Besides the one believer from the village where Becki lives, his wife and some of his kids now attend. Additionally, two more men and one or two women join them for the teaching now.
Together with the missionaries, approximately ten people get together each week. Becki’s co-worker Aaron is teaching from Acts. Keep praying for the believer that finally (after almost 20 years) has the courage to stand up for believing in Jesus Christ as his Saviour. It is not easy for him and his family because they are now officially outsiders in the village community. Also pray for the two men and women who come to the teaching. Some of them have said that they are believers but they are still walking on both sides.
Please keep praying for Hefners also. Aaron had Malaria quite often these past few months, and Lindsay and the kids had some health issues as well. Pray that they will all stay healthy and regain the strength they need to continue their ministries.

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