Back to the Village

Praise the Lord with Dennis and Valerie Easton and family. Yesterday, they returned to where they serve among the Ga’dang in the Philippines after a period of home assignment. Thankfully, the weather cleared allowing them to fly into the village.

Dennis had previously taken a quick trip into the Ga’dang village from the town where the mission has a base to check things out. All systems were pretty good considering that they have been away for over two years. They will need to fix the internet cable running across a gully to their home and some work needs to be done to ensure an adequate water supply.

They are so thankful to the Lord for His strength and for getting them this far. Continue to pray for strength as they re-settle and re-engage with the community. Also, pray that they will seek the Lord first and follow Him each day in whatever He brings their way.

Another prayer request is the Lord will supply their “daily water” as He has in the past.

Thank you for praying for the Easton family and for the Ga’dang people.