Back to the tropics

Over the last two years Graham and Carol Townley have enjoyed working with their home church, being involved in activities there and especially the weekly outreach with a book table and tracts in Settle. They have continued to volunteer at Yorkshire Camps, getting to know the training teams and helping with the upkeep of the building. In June this year, they were back at North Cotes helping in various ways with the conference. They have also been able to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren.

They were delighted to be at North Cotes at the start of September this year, to welcome Caleb and family as they arrive to begin the Cross Cultural Communications course. They also helped the kitchen team as three of the volunteers were not able to arrive in time for the start of term.

While they have been busy with all the above and finishing off work on the bungalow, Graham and Carol have wondered when God would direct their next steps. They were prompted to pursue a missions trip back to Papua New Guinea where they served in the past, to see where they might fit in again. They have rejoined New Tribes Mission, as associate members, until things become clearer. For now their plan is to join the Kovol missionary team in PNG for approximately three months starting in January 2023.

They have a small building project for Graham, and Carol will be grandma to the two families, watching the children while the mums get some language time, and making meals. Together they look to support them in fellowship, praying together, and building relationships with the Kovol people.

This “initial“ trip is relatively short so Graham and Carol can see how, as two 60+ year olds they manage back in the tropics (though Kovol is at a higher altitude than where they lived in the Sepik region),  and what kind of demand there is for this kind of support ministry. The third family in the Kovol team returns from home assignment in April and will need their house back!  Also, as Caleb and Carolin and family are actually resident in the UK for this year, they want to spend time with them. In April there is a part of the course where grandparents are encouraged to be around to provide childcare for afternoon classes.

On a human level it might seem a ridiculous time to travel, but the Lord’s return comes closer and there are still precious people who need to hear of His salvation plan. For some that will mean stepping out of the relative security of the familiar and trusting God for His plan.

Pray for Graham and Carol as they fill out lots of forms for the visas they need and paperwork for NTM in PNG. They know if it is His will, they will have the visas for January.


While they are trusting God to provide for this trip, renting out their bungalow from January through March may also be part of God’s will. Please pray that if so, He will lead them to the right person.


Thank you for your prayers.