Back to school

Eveline caught a cold a few days before leaving N.I. and but has now recovered. However, some more staff have come down with it, so please pray for them as school starts today Wednesday 13th. Also, pray that it will not spread among the students. The dormitory students arrived yesterday afternoon and are settling into their new dorm arrangements. The daily students joined them this morning.

Praise the Lord for His wisdom for the leadership team as they made decisions for this school year – they have two dormitories this year and the couple who were going to be directors are now the ‘new’ set of dorm parents, and another WEC missionary will be the director.

Pray for those taking on new roles this year as well as for the new staff. Two staff members coming have had visa or passport problems. Pray that these will be resolved soon and they can arrive before school starts.

Praise the Lord, the two teachers from South America got their visas/passports and will arrive at the beginning of next week. The school is still waiting for another teacher to join the team later this month after completing pre-field training etc. Pray for all who will need to cover these classes in the meantime.

Also, pray for the new or returning students, that they will adjust well.

The motto text for this school year is ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty. Zech.4:6. Pray that all that is done this school year will be done in the power of the Holy Spirit and for God’s glory.

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