Back to school

Fernando has been busy teaching Portuguese to 3rd grade up, Science to 5th and 6th, Physics to 7th and 8th and 9th grade, and Chemistry to 9th grade.
One day a week Fernando stays home with Daniel and Tabitha teaches art (5th grade up) and mathematics (9th grade). Fernando and Tabitha desire that more than just teaching the subject matter, their lives would be a blessing to the students and colleagues, encouraging them to draw closer to God. Please pray that their lives would be a testimony, and pray for wisdom, creativity and energy as they teach.
Fernando and Tabitha have seen God’s protection repeatedly. They’ve had snakes in Daniel’s room and toy box, scorpions in between his clothes and under his play blanket, and many other “close calls”. But each time God is faithful to protect. Please continue to pray for His protection! Pray for wisdom for Fernando and Tabitha as they raise Daniel.
Fernando and Tabitha praise God for His faithfulness, care and protection in 2015 and that He is unchanging for 2016!
Also pray for the tribal works in Mozambique; that the believers would grow strong.

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