Back to reality

The past few months have been exciting and busy for Becky Preheim. Special family gatherings and visiting friends. Precious times with many family adventures. An amazing family reunion was really sweet for Becky as well as reminiscing about Papua New Guinea with former co-workers and their family.

Now, it is back to reality and back to work again! Becky has plunged back into the book of Revelation, working on revisions and refining the final draft. She still has the books of Hebrews and John to work on, so there is plenty of work to keep her busy in the days ahead. She is thankful for continuing health and strength to do the task that the Lord has given her. Lord willing, this coming year the Mengen will finally have the New Testament in their own language.

Becky is hoping to return to PNG in January for three months. There are many pieces of the puzzle to come together, like her visa situation and also working with three different translation consultants plus the Mengen helpers. The Lord has a plan and she trust that He will bring it all together in His perfect time. She is very anxious to see this project complete after nearly fifteen years in the process. The Mengen believers are also very excited to hold God’s Word in their hands, so please pray that the Lord would allow this to finally happen after a couple of years of delays.

Recently Becky received some heart-breaking news from the village. One of the Mengen Bible teachers passed away and went home to heaven. He was married and they have three little children. Becky had known him since he was a little boy and has photos of him ‘helping’ to build her house in the village. Please pray for his wife and children, that the Lord would comfort their hearts and use this loss to bring them closer to Himself. Almost all of his wife’s family are unsaved, so pray that she would not turn away from the Lord and the comfort of the believers. Pray that the Lord would use this sad time for His glory and that the dear man’s testimony would continue.