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The Parrillo family are staying at the mission guesthouse at the moment. Alessandro and Chantal have found a Konyagi language helper and are happy to be able to continue learning the language while they are in Dakar. After more than a year away, they have lots of work to do to remember everything they learned before and to learn some more. Alessandro and Chantal work with their helper for two hours each day from Monday to Saturday. They’ve hired a young woman to care for the kids during this time. It’s been a bit challenging, especially with Samuel, but he’s starting to get used to it. Pray for Alessandro and Chantal’s progress in the language and for the children’s adjustment.

Next week they will be in Guinea to visit their co-workers, meet the people from their new village, and see the house construction. Pray for this trip which is about a ten-hour drive and involves many stops at the border. Pray as they meet the local people, that it will be a good start to building some great new relationships.

Their house construction is moving ahead! Now that the work has started it is progressing well! Continue to pray that things move ahead in a timely fashion, that the house will be well built and that the workers will be kept safe. Pray for the sale of Alessandro and Chantal vehicle as they are counting on those funds to pay towards the build and that the Lord will provide for their needs. They are looking forward to the day when they can move into the village.

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