Back to “Bru-land”

Clark and Mary recently had a long but uneventful trip back to Southeast Asia mainland and were greeted by their kids and grandkids, as well as several other co-workers – a warm welcome indeed! How thankful they are that even though it is never easy saying goodbye to loved ones in the USA, God has so graciously given them many dear ones on this side of the world too.

It is the middle of the rainy season and they have seen very little of the sun, but they trust this will mean a good growing crop for all the farmers that are depending on those seasonal rains. Despite the rain and the usual jet lag on their return, Clark and Mary are they are glad to be back!

As Clark and Mary reflect on the seven plus months in the USA, they are also very grateful for the many blessings. They travelled over 20,000 miles by car during that time but in all those miles, God gave them safety, and they had no car problems! They are thankful for His blessings! Getting to see many friends and reuniting with family were definitely a highlight and they praise the Lord! They are planning another trip back to the USA early next year for a shorter time, and are looking forward to this blessing as well.

Clark and Mary recently made the twelve-hour drive across the country to “Bru-land” and enjoyed the reunion there as well.

They have not heard anything from their typesetter, so are still waiting for the next steps in getting the Bru translation of the book of James ready for the printers. They would appreciate your prayers!

Thank you for your faithfulness in lifting them up to the throne of Grace.