Back to basics!

Now, several weeks later, they are comfortably back to life as they know it on Agutaya. Back to basics! Vina is so thankful to be able to shower with a light in the bathroom and not a candle anymore, and they are all thankful for the water pump that gets the water to the taps in the house. It is nearing the end of rainy season and soon they will be back to hauling water from the well 800m from the house. They are so thankful for every drop of water the Lord supplies. They would not be able to be in Agutaya without Him.

Home-schooling started six weeks ago and things are going well. They have had many challenges getting Valerie’s grade twelve books ordered. In the Philippines legislation changed and after five months of wondering what to do, they now see His perfect plan coming into play. Please continue to pray with them for the home-schooling. Although they have the books, they come without accreditation because of the legislation. The legislation may also cause similar challenges for Boeta and Angie in the future when they reach grade eleven.

Phil and Vina’s previous co-worker, Claudia, has left the work to get married. They have been praying for some time that the Lord will send them partners if it is His will. Recently there have been some developments that they believe would greatly benefit the work on Agutaya and them too.

While Phil and Vina were building their house on Agutaya they lived on Cuyo for 18 months. During that time, they became good friends with both the pastors of the Baptist church they attended there. They really value their friendship, commitment to truth and servant hearts. One of the pastors visited them recently and theydiscussed possibly partnering on Agutaya. This will be beneficial as being a Filipino national he is already comfortable with the grammar (so he can learn the language quicker. They will need to do less cultural studies than Phil and Vina, and they are able to join them before they start teaching. Please pray with them as they prepare for this partnership. Above all, pray for God to be glorified in all this.

The landing strip is looking great and although it is not yet completed, it is close to being finished. There are challenges getting things completed so please continue to pray.

Phil is back to full time language study. They have been excited to see how much he is able to understand in conversations. He is able to communicate almost solely in Agutaynen now! Unfortunately, Phil’s language evaluation with NTM language consultants was cancelled when the consultant was hospitalized with both dengue and typhoid fever. The consultant is now home recovering, but we are unsure of when we can have a new date for the evaluation. Please pray for Phil as works towards finishing language study.

Thank you for praying for the Le Roux family, they are often encouraged when they think of all those who hold the ropes for them through prayer.

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