Back to Bali

The Lord blessed Ben, Alwina and Noah Hansen’s time in Germany. Although it was just a short time, they had the opportunity to enjoy many things again (like the delicious German breakfast!) and they had the privilege of spending a lot of time with Wina’s family and their friends.
They were very glad to be able to be present at Philip (Ben’s brother) and Natalie’s wedding! Ben’s parents and three of his brothers were able to attend the wedding and afterwards they stayed with them for a week so that was very, very special.
Now they’ve already been back in PNG for more than a month. Just one week after they got back Ben and Wina had their first culture and language check. It was focused on how they are doing with their different learning styles, how much they have learned so far and where they could use more help. It was a good week with many tips and suggestions and guidance for learning more efficiently and effectively the language and culture in Bali. They were encouraged and re-motivated and hope to make good progress in the coming months.
As a team, they’ve had lots and lots of meetings in the last few weeks; partly due to the fact that the Butler family (Josh and Faye with Noah and Karis) left for Home Assignment at the beginning of December. They will now be just two families on Bali for a longer period of time. Pray for them as a team, that they would continue to grow closer together and be able to keep up communication with each other.
Continue to pray for the team as they travel on the ocean between Hoskins and Bali. On a recent trip the boat had some trouble. Fortunately it happened exactly at the one place where their route is near land (the tip of the Talasea Peninsula) so one of them swam to shore and got help from the people in the village there and by God’s grace we were able to continue their journey after only two hours! Pray for good weather when they travel and that the boats would run well.
Ben and Wina are looking forward to celebrating Christmas in their own house on Bali!

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