Back in the village

André and Aurélie Tousch thank the Lord that they are finally back in the village among the Iski people of Papua New Guinea. It took a while, but they are grateful particularly as only a few days after their departure, France closed its borders. Some French missionary friends find themselves unable to return to the countries where they work. Please continue to pray for this situation!

After their quarantine in town at the missionary centre, they were finally able to reach the village by helicopter and reunite with their Iski brothers and sisters and their American missionary friends, the Callahan family.

The Callahan family will soon be leaving PNG to return to the USA for good. André and Aurélie are happy to share their friendship for a few more weeks, before their departure. They spent several days cleaning and repairing the Tousch’s house before their return, because in the jungle, mice, termites and other pests soon inhabit an empty house. The fight is not over but they are regaining ground!

The first days in the village André and Aurélie were busy sorting out the house, but also sitting with their Iski friends and hearing them tell of what the Lord has been doing during their absence. The church has continued to grow stronger. In the village where André and Aurélie live the number of people attending worship has decreased, but those present are committed to the Lord. The brothers in training to take up responsibilities in the church are all faithful, they have taken charge of teaching and organising services in their absence.

André and Aurélie had the joy of attending a Sunday school meeting, which brings together about thirty children each Thursday. This is a new Iski church activity, which was implemented while they were in France. Two young people have taken children’s teaching to heart and they are very motivated. Children look forward to their day, and they are very focused during the programme.

The second church, in another village, continues to grow in number – André and Aurélie have not yet been able to visit them, but have been told that more than forty people have recently joined the church. André will try to visit them this month. It is the rainy season, which makes travel easier, via canoe rather than on foot. However, there are more crocodiles in the rivers than in dry season.