Back in the Tropics!

After several years of serving with Ethnos Canada at the training centre in Ontario, the Lord has brought Alan and Rachel Whately with Judah and Miriam back to their home in Asia-Pacific again. They are so thankful for all those who made it possible for them to return through prayer and financial support. It has been a long journey, and they continue to rely on the Lord daily for strength and wisdom as they serve Him in Asia-Pacific.

Alan and Rachel are thankful for safe travels and praise God for the strength each day as they adjust. Pray for wisdom in balancing between ministry and family.

Rachel, Judah and Miriam will begin home schooling this month. Pray for the kids’ adjustment and friendships.

Several of the tribal church plants have begun sending their kids to town to finish their schooling. So dorm parents from the tribe and dormitories were needed. The first dorm was quickly outgrown so now the dorm has been split into a girls’ dorm and now a boys’ dorm that has just opened up close to Alan and Rachel’s house.

Alan has been driving up to 14 dorm boys and Judah to the weekly Bible studies and soccer practice among other things. Smaller than a minivan, their vehicle can actually carry even more kids.

Alan had to drain a rather disgusting grey water swamp filled with garbage and muck situated immediately above the boys’ dormitory artesian well. This involved installing drainage pipes from the neighbour’s house as well as all the shower rooms of the dorm and piping it all to a drainage pit (drywell) at the back. It was fun for Alan working with the boys and their dorm parents.

Rachel has joined a group of ladies from the mission and mission church plant that has begun meeting biweekly to encourage each other in the Word and in ministry.

They are also involved in a Wednesday night Bible study with their local church.