Back in the tribe

Their bathroom was finally completed and they “moved in” the day before they needed to vacate the house they were staying in…and a planeload of visitors were scheduled to arrive! Sasch and Charissa’s kitchen was completed the following week, and since then they have been able to live comfortably, and the final touches were just finished up before Christmas.

They are slowly getting in the swing of daily language and culture learning, and very much enjoying the relationships that are developing between them and the people of their village. Many people were gone for the past couple of months harvesting cloves, which made getting acquainted with those left behind simpler…and finding language helpers harder! Now everyone has returned and Sasch and Charissa are busy learning more names, and excited to have more opportunity to learn.

The Schwendichs and others of their teammates have been struggling with health in the past couple of months.

Please keep the team’s health in your prayers, as bad health unfortunately means divided attention, and a delay in being able to focus on their ministry goals.

They plan to spend the next six months here in the village (outside of a short vaccination trip in February). Please pray that it will be a productive time and that Sasch and Charissa as well as their other newbie co-workers will make good strides in their understanding of the culture and language. Everyday there are many distractions which can redirect their attention, and they need your prayer support in order to keep their eyes fixed on their end goal.

Pray for good relationships with the villagers and within the team, for wisdom in raising Ruben, Judah and Hosanna. Also pray for the tribal believers and for the team to stay encouraged.

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