Back in the Dom

There has not been enough rain in the Dom over the last four months to sustain their gardens. Please pray for Jim and Judy as they need wisdom and guidance as to how they can help the Dom people. Jim and Judy have never ever really gone without food so cannot imagine how it is for those that are experiencing this reality. The Dom missionary team are only four people and there are 10,000 plus Dom people so the challenge is great. They will be searching out what PNG government assistance there is and what their options are.
Thankfully, Jim and Judy’s water tank is only down a little so that is good. If they are careful, they can make the 1500 gallons or so of a 2,000 gallon tank last awhile. Surprisingly there are still fresh vegetables available at the market in this area. The cost is a lot more than usual but Jim and Judy are thankful to have fruit and vegetables.
For the next few weeks Jim and Judy will be busy with cleaning their house that has been closed up for 16 months, unpacking all their things and getting into a routine. They are excited to hear what the Dom Christians think of their Dom New Testaments and to begin using them as a group in Sunday services and Bible study! Jim and Judy would like to start a literacy class soon so that more Dom people can read the Word of God in their own language. Pray that interest among the people for literacy will grow.
The Lord has provided enough money for Jim and Judy to buy a good used generator, solar panels and a lot of the necessary items (inverter, controller, etc.) Additionally a recent large gift has made it possible for them to buy a much needed 12 volt fridge and finish buying most of the rest of the items including the new batteries which are yet to come. A fellow missionary in PNG wants to come up to the Dom at the end of November and set it all up for them. After all the bills are in, we will keep you posted. Jim and Judy are thankful to everyone that gave toward this project. It will be a huge blessing for them to have new reliable equipment that doesn’t take a lot of Jim’s time trying to keep it going; not to mention cost efficient.
Continue to pray for Jim and Judy’s co-workers Gerolf and Mailis Wuest as they plan to return to the Dom in February next year.

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