Back in the city

After almost three months in the village, among an unreached people group in West Africa, Regina knows some people better and feels quite comfortable. Except for the usual greetings, she has not learned the language. Her main job was to home school two missionary kids. The boys have worked hard the past months, although the textbooks have not arrived. A colleague on another field, who is doing the same home school programme, was able to provide some help and they were able to download some books. Lessons had to be a little bit more flexible at times.

Whilst she was there, the people had their peanut harvest, so sometimes Regina had the opportunity to help with collecting or opening the nuts, which she enjoyed very much. The people work very hard.

Regina’s time in the village has ended for now and she has returned to the city. Pray for her as she settles back and experiences Christmas in 35-degree plus temperatures.