Back in Mexico

Back in Mexico the Baxter family quickly settled back into their normal routine: work, school, friends, church and all the usual activities. David had a lot of electrical work waiting for him when they returned. He has successfully replaced the two outside lights at the school and has other lighting projects to do inside the school. Continue to pray for his ministry of maintenance. There’s always something to be working on! He and another missionary have been working on a water filtration/ drinking fountain project that has been more challenging than expected. Pray that they will be able to finish that project soon.
Last month was a month of special weddings! First of all the Baxter family attended the wedding of their Mexican friends who have put their faith in Christ. Another exciting marriage took place at the national missionary training programme when a Guarijio Indian married a Cora Indian. Both of these amazing young people have come from Christian homes in their own tribes, have learned Spanish as a second language, graduated from the mission Bible institute and are now in the transcultural mission’s course. After they finish the mission training, they will most likely return to the Guarijio people and help finish the New Testament translation. Please pray for this very special couple and all the adjustment that they will face in the future.
Another prayer point has to do with the Southwestern Tepehuan. NTM missionaries have worked with this people group for over fourteen years. The work has been slow, but steady. The missionaries are seeking permission from the tribal leaders to start formal Bible teaching. There has been much opposition in the past, so pray for a favourable response.
Some Sunday school children and leaders in the UK have given their offerings to help Kevin and Wendy Case with the Northern Tepehuan Bible translation! The Cases have been really blessed by their generosity and it will be a real help and encouragement as they work to complete the whole New Testament.
David and Chris praise the Lord for the continued good health they have enjoyed so far. Continue to pray for them as they seek to be faithful in all the Lord has called them to. They covet your prayers as a family and in their own walks with the Lord.

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