Back in Liberia

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach and family are back in Liberia.

After several days in Monrovia, they made it safely to the village last Wednesday. The bridge by their village is still in need of repair, but they made it fine by motorbike, including their supplies on the ride from the airstrip to the village.

Their vehicle is still at sea. They are still having to deal with customs and duty but hope to get that finished before the vehicle arrives next week. They are thankful that some friends in Monrovia are willing to help to get the car to where the first inspection will be done. Pray that their vehicle will not be delayed at the port and thus cause extra expenses, and that none of the spare parts that come with it will be stolen.

Now they have shook about everybody’s hand in the village they hope to get started with a routine. Aaron will get ready to start making Bible lessons. Pray that he will not miss any important details as he is preparing them. Amy will get involved with helping their co-worker with the Bible translation, and continuing on where the literacy left off.

This month Aaron wants to get a small group of Glarro together who can help him in putting Bible lessons into good, understandable Glarro. Please pray for the forming of a small group (at least four or five Glarro men).

They are thankful to the Lord for a good transition back into village life and for their co-workers who cleaned their house and made it livable again before they arrived.

Pray for them to have patience when they are often interrupted and expected to meet needs, and that they will have the grace and kindness to respond accordingly.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron and Amy and the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa