Back in Asia-Pacific

Back in Asia-Pacific

Sasch and Charissa Schwendich spent five months away from their normal ministry in Asia-Pacific but are now back after the birth of their youngest son, Zadok Alexander! He arrived on April 23rd, happy and healthy!

Following his birth, they spent two more months in the city while Zadok’s paperwork and their visas were being processed. Thankfully, all the needed paperwork was completed without a hitch. It was a time of rest and refreshment among good friends. At the end of June, they said goodbye and travelled to Ambon to sign for their five-year visas! This is very exciting as it means they will not have to do yearly visa trips anymore!  After that, they spent a month in another area at a conference… and waiting for the mission plane to have clearance to fly to their airstrip. Ruben especially enjoyed this time as he made new friends and reconnected with old friends. Finally, at the end of July, they arrived back home!

Sasch and Charissa with Ruben, Judah, Hosanna and Zadok are settling back into a routine of sorts. Sasch has picked back up with his language studies and other parts of their ministry. Ruben is back to school and Charissa is busy keeping everyone clean, fed, and happy. Unfortunately, they don’t have a house helper at the moment so the housework is taking up a large portion of each of her days.

The believers continue to grow in their faith and the desire to hear God’s Word remains high.The missionary team is still teaching chronological Bible lessons in different homes. One couple has just finished with this and several others are in process or waiting for their turn. They are encouraged to see the church trusting God and working together towards constructing a church building. The foundation has been poured and the first of the cement bricks for the walls have been poured. There is still a long way to go and they are praying that they will continue to have faith that God will provide all the funds and materials needed to complete the task.

The Lord seems to be opening doors to expand their ministry into other locations.They are currently working with NTM/Ethnos360 Field Leadership, looking at a young peoples ministry. Additionally, a nearby village has expressed an interest in the church and in hearing Bible teaching. This would be an opportunity for the church members to participate in their first outreach. Several church members will be making an official visit there soon to initiate contact.

Sasch, Charissa and family will be back out of the village for a few weeks this month, while Sasch makes his required trip to the USA. He will be taking Judah with him this time! It is hoped that they can get Judah’s eyes rechecked and a couple other things addressed. Charissa’s mum will be travelling back with them for a visit. They are so excited that she will be with them for almost a month!

Your prayers for Sasch and Charissa and the local church are evident as they see God working in their lives and in the lives of the believers.

Please pray with them:

  • For strength and perseverance for their team
  • For the many people listening to teachings, for salvation and growth
  • For parenting
  • For the new ministry opportunity with young people
  • For their health and strength
  • For language and culture studies
  • For Sasch as he leads Bible lessons with one of the families
  • For their children to grow in the knowledge of God’s love
  • For the flight programme as they work through all the red tape in running their ministry
  • For Sasch and Judah’s upcoming trip