Back home

God used the conference speaker to bring them great teaching from the book of Joshua on the theme of, “God’s promises are true, He will fight for us – always.” It is the encouragement they need as they look ahead to different aspects of transitioning in their new location.

A branch office for the foundation has been legally established in their province now. The next step is to get Richard’s labour book moved to the province where they now live so that they can renew their visas there as well. They recently found out that this will involve leaving the country and returning on a new visa. This trip needs to be made in the next four or five weeks. Please pray for them as they get plans and paperwork together for this quick, unplanned trip.

Gwen (Wendy’s mother) had a successful cataract surgery on her right eye. The doctor was pleased with how things were going at the follow-up check-up. Gwen and Betty (her sister-in-law, also a missionary in Southeast Asia) took the night bus to Betty’s home. Betty’s co-worker is in the USA right now, so Gwen will be company for her. Gwen does not need to make the trip out of the country with them, so it works out good for her to be with Betty until they get back and settled again.

Now they are home, Richard and Wendy will start attending Karen reading and writing classes again. Wendy and the kids will start home school. They will continue to build relationships in the community. Pray that they would find people willing to help with developing Bible teaching lessons and that God would prepare hearts to hear the truth about their Creator and Saviour.

The hydro-electric power plant for the village has been repaired since they left and is broken again. They have bought themselves a generator and are not expecting things to get sorted out for weeks or months. Getting the solar panels up and running is a priority now they are home.

Before returning from conference Richard and Wendy had a couple of visits from a family that they knew from years ago. This family recently moved to a village that is right across the border from the town where they live. This couple are believers and are hungry for fellowship and teaching. Richard and Wendy plan to continue meeting with them for more fellowship and teaching. Pray for this family as they are the only believers in their community and face opposition, especially from the mother. Pray for Richard as he teaches and encourages them from God’s Word. Pray that they would be a light in their community and to the Pwo Karen around them.

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