Back from the jungle!

Their co-workers Richard and Wendy Rees welcomed them very warmly and Stephan and Sandra really enjoyed the fellowship. There are some distinct  languages among the Karen and the Pwo Karen that Richard and Wendy work among  is one of them with an estimated population of a bit more than one million people. They generally live more remotely than other people groups in that area and have one of the hardest languages to learn too. Talking with Richard and Wendy about their work was very eye opening for Stephan and Sandra and by visiting some of the Karen villages they also very quickly started to love the people.
Their visit coincided with a new moon festival. Something like a New Year’s festival. Stephan was able to visit one of these ceremonies alongside Richard and so he got quite a big insight into that very old culture.
Where the Rees’ live many people still live in bamboo houses and it’s hard to get all the stuff that Westerner’s are used to having. It is surrounded by hills and many smaller villages. Stephan and Sandra asked themselves if it might be their home in the future. The whole family could say yes to that question. But they have to be very wise in decision making and wait for clear guidance from God. So, please pray for them as they would like to make a decision as soon as possible. It is their desire that this language group will get the opportunity to hear about such a wondrous God as soon as possible, in a clear and understandable way.

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