Back from the jungle

The trip was enjoyable and profitable for each of the family members in different ways, as well as having challenges along the way. It was truly encouraging with the church, with individuals and as a family.

There was a serious accident while they were in Sorimi. One evening an eight-year-old boy suddenly jumped on the slasher behind the tractor. He fell off and his leg was terribly mangled. They managed to care for him through the night, until he and his father were flown to Wewak hospital the next morning where he later had it amputated above the knee. His stump has been healing quite well and he recently had a skin graft which has taken well. Pray for this young boy as he adjusts to living with a disability. The boy’s father is trusting the Lord in this and his testimony has been amazing from the start, but he struggles with loneliness for home, his wife and three other children (age 1-10) and the poor hospital environment. The hospital has said they are ready to release him, but Poul and Carol are concerned about him returning to his remote village as he still has further healing to take place as well as learning to walk with crutches; but it is common that the medical care is only able to cover the basic needs, due to shortage of beds and staff.

Poul’s final translation check (in Wewak town) went well, completing another 800 verses of the New Testament. He and the consultant were very happy with how it went. During the following two weeks, Poul began working on new material with the Sorimi men and was pleased with what they accomplished, along with profitable conversations and social times together, as well as visiting the young boy in hospital.

Pray for another believer who has been a translation checker, but was unable to help this last time due to his wife having passed away just before the check, leaving with him 5 young children. Poul and Carol are so grateful for your prayers and for all that God has done! It’s was joy for them to see the Lord building His church in Sorimi!

Poul has one month at home, before going to the Faroes for nearly two weeks, speaking in meetings and seeing family.

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