Back at the school

David and Christine Baxter are thankful for your prayer during all their travels over the past year and particularly over the Christmas break. They are grateful to the Lord for smooth trips to California and back to where they serve at the mission school in Mexico.

Whilst in the USA it was wonderful for them to get to know their daughter Abby’s fiancé Aaron and his family better. The countdown to the wedding on April 5th is on! David and Christine plan to return to California at the end of March to help with final wedding arrangements.

The first day back to school, they quickly realised that the heating system was not working! David and his team were able to make sense of the “spaghetti” of pipes and pumps and electronic components and get the building warm again! One thing about maintenance in this fallen world is there is a definite sense of job security! Thank you for your prayers for wisdom and safety for the team.

A new member has joined the teaching staff all the way from Australia They are so thankful for her heart and willingness to join the team. And just in time, as a teacher had to return to Colombia to finish the paperwork process for her visa in Mexico. God’s timing is perfect. Pray that all goes to plan with obtaining the visa and that she can return next month.

January has also been a month of loss. A dear friend and mentor to David and Christine went home to be with the Lord early this month. Other members of staff have lost family members as well, some anticipated, others unexpected. But they rejoice with these families that they will be reunited with their loved ones in heaven. The separation is only temporary.

David and Christine continue in their ministries in Mexico with the desire to see all people come to know the only One who can give them eternal life.