Baby food

Thank you for continuing to pray for the work God is doing in Amdu, Papua New Guinea. They recently started regular meetings again. They meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The rest of the week missionaries Benjamin and Missy Hatton, and Bart and Emily Allen, meet house to house with families and smaller groups discussing their questions and reviewing what they have been teaching. These times are especially sweet and motivating! Sweet to hear how their friends are putting into words what is in their hearts. Motivating when they see where certain individuals are confused and need more instruction.

Reviewing the Gospel message is the focus of their teaching right now. They want to take their time to make sure that the meaning of the cross is clear.  They are also bringing some essential truths for young believers in each lesson trying to illustrate these things in a way that is tangible.

Thank you for continuing to lift up the Amdu people and their needs to the Lord. Thank you for praying for the missionary team too! Thank you for asking the Lord to give them wisdom and to keep them focused on what is essential.