Avoiding the clouds

Robert and Nicole Westerveld are now busy with the final preparations for their next trip to Papua New Guinea. Lord willing, they will leave in May. They have done all the paperwork for the application of their visas and hope to receive them soon. This time they are arriving earlier in the year to avoid the time of heavy clouds in the mountains around Andakombi. In the past, it has not been easy to fly in and out of the tribe during the cloudy weather season. And now that it is just the two of them, they can also go earlier. Currently there are problems with a shortage of fuel in PNG which is limiting flights. Pray that the situation will improve soon.

Robert is concentrating on the translation of Ezra. Right now, he is working on the seventh chapter and hopes to get as much of Ezra done as possible so that he can check both the translation of Ruth and Ezra with the believers when they are on the Iwalaqamalje side (Andakombi) of the tribe. He also hopes to be able to work with them on the translations of 1 Samuel, Psalms and Proverbs which have they already started. Robert hopes to get as much of the translation of Luke done as possible with the men of the Iqwaye and Gwase dialects, when on the other side of the tribe.

Several of the believers have been facing health problems. Recently a church leader had to go on a medical flight out from the tribe because his eldest daughter was very ill. They are grateful that she is better now. Also, a lady has problems with her mouth which makes it difficult for her to eat. Pray that she may be healed as well.

In addition to all the preparations for their time in the tribe, they will also be busy in the coming months with speaking engagements and two different workshops on Bible translation and Bible teaching. Robert and Nicole have regular Bible studies, both in the Netherlands and via video calling for groups in South Asia.

They are thankful that their children are all doing well.

Thank you for your prayers.