Avenues of service

The re-opening of the Lamogai airstrip/preparations for the literacy teachers workshops took place in March in readiness for the literacy workshop in April. By May the Southern Lamogai teachers were ready to start the literacy schools in the villages
In June, Jan and Annette’s co-worker Ineke, was able to do Jan’s medical tests so it could be established that he had to go to Australia for treatment. Literacy primer construction for the Nakanai language group took place in July.
During August Jan and Annette helped with food-aid for the El Nino victims of the Aria Language group and then in September Annette travelled to Kaulong to assist in literacy primer construction.
In October Jan and Annette went on a two week-long trip to train 22 Maleu literacy teachers and in November they went to help the leaders in Asengseng and made blackboards and books for their schools.
Jan and Annette are thankful to all those who partner with them through prayer. Continue to pray for them as they serve the people of PNG

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