David and Chris explained that the avalanche at Mocoa is in the south west of Colombia near the border of Ecuador and Fusa, where they live, is in the centre of Colombia, close to Bogotá, so they have not been affected.

Last Thursday two students from the Bible College (one of them is an experienced midwife) together with three other members from one of their churches, made the long trip by car to the Mocoa to help in any way they can. The army has taken charge of the area. There is neither water nor electricity and there are many contaminated areas with outbreaks of hepatitis. There are fears of another avalanche because of the continual heavy rain, and overflowing rivers.

Pray that this team would be able to help and bring encouragement. Pray for their health and safety. Pray for the Christians in Mocoa that they would be a vibrant witness for the Lord in both word and deed.

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