Times flies, the first term of the new school year is finished. There are 64 students from 11 different countries. There are 36 students in the Biblical studies class and they all seem to have adapted quite well to life at North Cotes. Tanya is really enjoying getting to know them.
Every Friday night on the mission property there is a kid’s clubs – younger Ignite and older Ignite. Tanya is part of older Ignite team and so far they have had about 36 kids steadily every week. It’s quite noisy, but it’s all good fun! And some members of the community have said that the kids love it. They’ve been going through the book of Jonah and have been emphasising that God gives us second chances even when we fail in life. He pours out His mercy and grace upon us every time. Pray that the leaders would be salt and light to these kids. Some of them have attended for a numbers of years and have heard the message of salvation many times. Pray that they would come to know Christ for themselves.
Once a month, Tanya along with other students and staff visits a nursing home. They have the opportunity to sing some hymns with the elderly folk and give them a short Bible message. She enjoys going and the residents are always happy to see them. This ministry has been going on for quite some years now. Please pray that the residents would understand the message of the Gospel and see their need of the Saviour.
Thank you for praying for Tanya as she serves the Lord in North Cotes. Pray that as His instrument, Tanya would bring glory to His name.

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