Auction Day

Don and Char also thank the Lord for opening a rental option for them in Winkler for the months that they will be in Manitoba.  In their decade of ministry travels, they have never been without a place to lay their heads.  Some places have been rough, some small, some large, some theirs, some owned by friends, some cold and some too hot!  BUT the Lord has always been faithful.

Back in the Philippines, the helicopter that is used to facilitate the missionaries living in the North of the Island of Luzon has been grounded after a routine inspection by NTM pilots. That puts Don and Char’s co-workers in a bind without being able to fly out. They thank the Lord that it is dry season, and that if there is an emergency in the village, the boats can be the ambulance. The new blades have been ordered and should be in the Philippines in a few weeks. Pray that everything arrives quickly, and for the patience of the teams in the Philippines! One of our pilots, Zach, wrote…..
“I got good news today about the helicopter blades. NTMA wired money for new blades today that should ship within two days and arrive in the Philippines about five days after that. Being able to ship air-cargo is a big answer to prayer and will make our down time considerably shorter. Even though there was some question about whether we met the requirements, it sounds like Robinson Helicopter is going to honour their warranty and give us half price blades. That’s a $23,000 saving! We are very thankful for that. There are still some interesting hurdles, like getting the blades from Manila to Tuguegarao undamaged, and then getting them on the helicopter undamaged. Please keep praying for us.”
Don and Char thank the Lord for the NTM helicopter pilots. They are incredible partners, and friends, in their ministry.

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