At home and away

Marjun felt the Lord asking her to help Dubby and Anna out for some time! This also gives her the chance to learn English, which will give her more opportunities to serve Him in mission situations.
Marjun not only gives Anna the physical help she needs but also the companionship of a lady of the same tongue and background.
This also frees Dubby to work on the tasks the Lord has given him to do.
Recently Dubby was able to have a long chat on Skype with his Senegalese co-worker in Senegal. He and his Saafi helper are planning to record a broadcast this week about David and Goliath. This story resonates with the Senegalese people because they have wrestling matches between two individuals. The match is NOT considered to be primarily a struggle between the strength or tactics of the wrestlers, but between the spirits which the wrestlers invoke to help them. The person who invokes the stronger spirit wins! When you consider Goliath’s curses of David, and David’s reply, one can see why this is important!
This Senegalese co-worker does not yet have much feedback about how many Saafis might be listening, but he receives lots of positive feedback concerning the teaching he broadcasts in his own language. May the Lord use both broadcasts equally! He is planning to visit several of the religious and secular Saafi leaders to tell them about the broadcast. Pray that he has a positive reception at each place, and many listeners.

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