At home

Steve and Gerdine’s flat is now a home. The only furniture they bought was a beanbag. Friends, family and people from church gave table, chairs, sofa, bed, TV, wardrobes and decorations. They have all they need and are very happy and grateful.
Gerdine has started a stable job at a new care home in Eindhoven. She works 28 hrs a week, which also allows her time to do work for NTM. Her employers are very happy to have her working for them for the next year; it looks like a real provision from God
Steve has a job interview on Nov 4th to work as a cleaner two days a week. That would continue to give him time for Dutch study whilst earning a little money.
Steve is making good progress in Dutch. Recently they were pulled aside in town for iced tea taste testing by a company. The interview and written questions were all in Dutch and Steve managed just fine; and earned €5 for his trouble.
NTM also has a Netherlands office for recruiting and supporting Dutch missionaries (training is done in England). Steve and Gerdine are able to help out this year.
They are adding Dutch subtitles to a promotional video, giving presentations at events and are organising a weekend trip to England from Rotterdam to attend the NTM Reach conference. They really like being involved in this way, and also making NTM more known in the churches and groups they visit.
Steve has joined IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) to be involved in supporting Christian international students and developing student leaders. This can also involve help in integrating into Dutch culture (which Steve is doing himself). Pray for Steve to make good contacts with students and be a blessing.
Steve and Gerdine’s church in the Netherlands meets every Wednesday evening. They’re still working out how best to be involved. The meeting is in Dutch, so Steve is not able to function as he would in England.

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