The children were so pleased to have a proper English teacher from England and became excited when Julia announced that they were doing Mary Poppins as the musical production for this year, which she is thrilled to be directing!

She is busy all the time with marking, planning and church/social activities so would appreciate your prayers! Pray that she will know His peace during busy/stressful school times and know how to best plan lessons. She is slowly getting the gist of the American grading system!

Julia particularly enjoyed the ‘Spiritual Enrichment Week’ and spending more time with the children outside of classes, getting to know them personally. She was privileged to be asked by the main speaker to share her testimony of obedience to God, at one of the sessions. It was a wonderful opportunity to inspire the kids to put God first in life. Which for Julia meant leaving a dream dance job in the Canary Islands, as she knew she had to trust in the Lord with all her heart, and in all her ways acknowledge Him who was directing her path to serve in Mexico. Pray that she will continue to be a godly example to the children.

Julia has joined her pastor’s cell group, which is all in Spanish, but God is gracious and she understands, and is speaking, more and more, day-by-day! They are currently studying the Gospel of John. They have also blessed her with a Spanish Bible.

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