Steve and Gerdine are excited to begin adapting to life and culture and took a few days to simply adjust and get over jet lag. They are finding it very hot! They’re taking cold showers and sleeping without a duvet; and haven’t felt chilly for even a moment!
Within the first few days Steve and Gerdine took a trip to town to do their first food shop and everything felt so new and different. Already they long to be able to communicate properly in tok pisin/pidgin English which is the trade language. It’s the everyday language of people in the towns and is a useful language of wider communication all through PNG. Steve and Gerdine have an insatiable curiosity to begin getting to know people, but they can’t speak yet!
Steve and Gerdine are getting used to their new home on the Madang centre and beginning to tackle all of the everyday life tasks and figuring out the best way to do it in PNG.
Pray for Steve and Gerdine as they make friends, find language helpers and learn to be more New Guinean. At some point soon they’ll get their PNG driving licences and then they can use the mission vehicles to get into town on their own.
Steve and Gerdine still don’t know which area of PNG to serve in yet once they finish their four month orientation. They would be grateful for prayer that the Lord would lead and guide them to join one particular tribal team.

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