The Tousch family arrived on Monday, 9th June and the people gave them a very warm welcome. Almost all the community had gathered for the occasion! In the evening they were invited to a welcome meal with the entire village. Since then, the people continue to be very friendly; they bring them food every day, like papaya, fish, etc. They are spoiled!
The children are adapting very well to the new setting, they like their new house (the sixth house in a year) and they play really well with the other children, the Williamson’s kids. The people love to watch them play – they especially love Abigail! They do all they can to make the children happy.
André and Aurélie‘s co-workers the Williamsons have just finished their house. They still have some work to do inside. Soon their eldest daughter Kadynn will join them from the United States where she has spent eight weeks due to knee surgery. The separation has been hard on their family.
The village people catch a lot of fish in a lake about one and a half hours away. Recently they brought the team a bunch of fish and also gave them a small crocodile and some chicken!
The team will now will try to get to know the people more, spend time with them, learn about family ties, their children’s names, etc. There are so many names to learn! They are still impressed by the villagers’ warm welcome and the openness. Pray it will continue like that, and for wisdom as they interact with them.

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