Anxious to get back!

They have travelled a lot more than usual this year. They did over 12,000 miles of road trips, taking them through 23 states! They visited friends and supporters, spent a month in northern Michigan with Shannon’s parents and were able to show the kids many key areas and history of the USA to deepen what they learn in school.

Geoff and Shannon chose to continue home schooling this year, though Ethan was at a Christian school three mornings a week while his sisters took enrichment courses all day every Friday.

They have looked into and taken care of many medical things, and tried to rule out any concerns that may have popped up over the previous four years of living in PNG.

In all this, they moved five times! Housing was much more of a challenge than what they have experienced in the past.

Now they are standing right on the precipice as they get ready to make the jump again from a land of comfort-a-plenty to the land of the unexpected, where their trust in God’s great provision is sure to be stretched and tested.

They have heard that their solar system is shot, and they have a less than ideal fix that they are going to try to implement to get them by for a few months while they wait for their proper batteries to arrive from the USA. The internet system that they rely upon so heavily for the many logistics of living in the bush has stopped working.

They are still not sure what the problem is, or how long or how much money it is going to take to fix it. Returning to a house that has been mostly unoccupied for a year in the bush usually results in some unexpected projects to get everything functioning again. However, they are so looking forward to heading back and being a part of what God is doing in the Mibu. They are looking forward to being with their friends and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, supporting, and walking with them further into the maturity of their faith.

Please pray for Geoff, Shannon, and family on their way; not just for getting there, but also that they would settle in, get everything working again, and readjust back to life and ministry in Mibu.

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