Answers to prayer

The Sorimi translation check has been going really well! Poul Joensen is encouraged that the new team of three men are working great together. The more experienced man allows the other two to get very involved and he helps where needed rather than just trying to take the lead. The three men seem to have different strengths, which complement each other and helps the progress.

The daily accomplishment of verses that they check is within or above their goal. They have already checked John. After checking John 15, one of the young men asked for further explanation, and really valued the passage.

They all went to a local church in town on Sunday. PNG believers lead it. The Sorimi men found it good to fellowship at another church and see how it functions.

Poul is able to keep in contact with Carol via WhatsApp now that he is in town and can sometimes get a good enough connection to speak. They are thankful for all that God is doing in and through the Sorimi people, but they value your prayers in this time while they are apart for another month.

Poul’s health issues are definitely better but he is tired. As well as a full day checking, he also spends time with the men: ensuring they have food and their needs taken care of, or enjoying evening times together and having good discipleship times.

One of the men came down with malaria on Sunday night. Poul told him to stay home on Monday but the man said no because he did not want to miss anything, and sure enough, he worked for the whole day. What commitment and desire!

Later this week they plan to check Hebrews. Then they will do some Epistles. They planned to finish next Monday or Tuesday, but due to good progress they will finish on Saturday.The three men will then return to Sorimi.

A lot is happening by God’s grace and power. Poul and Carol are excited to share what God is doing because you are a vital part of the team through prayer, which they so greatly appreciate!