Answered prayers

Phil and Vina le Roux serve the Lord in the Philippines and 2023 has already had a surprising and magnificent start. Last month they began the chronological teaching in a new area. They invited people and waited to see if anyone would be brave enough to join them in what is a very public place. They were delighted by the steady flow of people that came! So far, they have taught three times and every time there has been a group of people faithfully attending.

Vina also has around 40 children that she teaches while Phil teaches the adults. Pray they will continue to attend and hear, and that their hearts will be open to truth!

This past month has been challenging for one of the three churches due to the rainy weather. A small group still gathered in the small dark house on the property. Recently the members joined some other churches for a joint conference. Please continue to pray for these dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please pray for Pastor Riaan and his wife Monika that the Lord will sustain them as they seek to serve Him well.

The third church is doing well! Phil and Vina have been so excited that a few new people have joined and, to see the believers grow in faith! Phil is teaching through the book of Acts. So many wonderful truths for them to learn! One of the most rewarding experiences has been for them to see the church members excitedly joining them to help with the outreach teaching. Such a change from the previous teachings which they did alone as a family.

Phil and Vina have recently spent time in Manila to update their visas, which also required medical tests and appointments. Phil also used the time to prepare lessons and take a weekly Bible study at their friend’s work place. Usually he has to present it via zoom, so it was a joy for him to be able to attend in person. They were humbled that a dear friend generously paid for both of the visas and considered it a privilege to invest in the work the Lord is doing, and thanked them for allowing him to help.

Pray for:

  • The teaching, for open hearts and brave souls who will attend.
  • The three church plants, which will reach out to others with the Good News.
  • Phil and Vina’s continued good health and endurance to serve well.
  • Their kids as they also seek to grow in faith and wisdom.
  • Some big decisions they will need to make this year. The Lord is showing them the way clearly and they are truly thankful.
  • The Agutaynen church to grow as it reaches out to others.