Answered Prayers

Havng working hearing aids is a real help in language sessions as well as day to day conversations with people (whichever language they are speaking!)

Esmé’s feet have now recovered from the shock of the journey to Senegal and drastic change of climate. The weather is now noticeably cooler, although bizarrely the temperature is at times hotter. The humidity has decreased considerably now though and the temperature at night is now dropping too which has helped. It’s much more comfortable…even cold at times!

Sometimes looking a bit different and standing out in the crowd has its advantages! Anyone who knows Esmé well would know that standing out is the last thing she wants to do! But, being easily recognised has actually made it a little easier for her to talk to people. Please pray for a West African lady she buys fruit from, who now exchanges brief greetings/chats with her every time she passes her stall. Pray for further opportunities to chat (not easy if she’s busy) …and perhaps for some words in her mother tongue language to communicate with too. (She speaks very little French).

Esmé has been learning so much more…and it has been busy! There are six phases in the language learning programme. Some time ago now she completed the first phase. As she began the second phase the group was split into two smaller groups. Her group was given a new language helper, a Congolese lady, which meant a different accent and a different way of working to get used to. To begin with it was quite a challenge, but Esmé is so grateful to the Lord that she has the opportunity to get her ears accustomed to different French speakers in ‘the classroom’ – preparing her to better hear and understand people in the community. She is now nearing the end of the second phase too!

Esmé is improving but still needs much more practice of conversations in French. Please pray that her interactions with local people will go deeper than just exchanging greetings.

Later this month Esmé and some friends will be travelling on an overnight boat down to the south of the country where they will stay for a few days, spending time with one of her friend’s parents. Please pray for their journey, time there and that they would be a blessing.

In the not-so-distant future Esmé will be moving on from the apartment which has been home for the last three months. Please pray for this – pray that she will settle well into her new home and church. Pray that she would make good relationships with her host family and church members. Pray for them too as they seek to share their lives and their culture with Esmé. Pray that she would also form good relationships with individuals and families in the community.

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