Answered prayer

Lourens and Marie Laureti are approaching the last three months of their time in South Africa. They are excited about returning to their home in the Mengen.

At the end of 2017. Lourens’s ‘short period’ as co-ordinator for the region in PNG came to an end and there was no replacement on its way. The most difficult aspect of that year was to hear people expressing their need for the Gospel but not being able to meet that need.

Many of the churches were needing a shepherd to help them look after the church but also reach the many teens and young adults who were requesting teaching. Also requests for literacy and Gospel teaching.
Lourens’s reply was:
– No, we do not have enough support workers to run the region, so I cannot come.
– No, we do not have more missionaries available to help shepherd the church.
– No, we do not have any mature national teachers to send to your village to run literacy and teach the Gospel!
– No, we do not have enough finances, to provide the needed curriculum, and travel efficiently into your locations.

Praise the Lord prayer has been answered. Different individuals contributed towards helping financially and these contributions have helped in many ways:
– It helped strengthen the local mission thrust – equipping the PNG believers to reach their own.
– It helped provide for leadership development and youth meetings in New Britain, with the purpose to challenge the local church into answering the great commission.
– It helped strengthen outreaches – allocating a new national missionary family to join the one of the churches.
– It helped provide literacy and curriculum material for outreaches in both Mengen and Pidgen languages.
– It helped with the logistics, transporting material into different locations and maintaining the airstrip.

More help is coming. Since the Laureti family left on furlough in August 2018, God has continued to provide answers to prayer:
– Simon and Annika Flanagan re-joined the Mengen team and will help shepherd the church.
– Travis and Nikki Rae joined the support team to help coordinate the region.

A huge answer to prayer, as people are needed to reach people!

But God is also providing financially! In these days, Ethnos360/New Tribes Mission has launched a project to help raise more funds towards the Mengen literacy project and curriculum.

Donations to this project will help develop, finalise, print, transport and implement both literacy and teaching curriculum starting from Genesis through to Revelation providing most of the Mengen ministry financial needs for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much for your continual prayer and support, as partners in reaching the Mengen people!