Answered prayer

The Literacy consultation was very blessed! From the consultants’ report, Francois and Nadia are so excited about how well literacy is going! There is great motivation to learn to read and write in order to read the Scriptures. There are two trained literacy teachers who can work independently and another two who are progressing well with supervision. In another area, literacy classes are held three times each week with about twelve semi-literate students (two women). One, who recently finished a literacy course in another village, also joined them to learn more from the consultants.
Nadia’s abscess is better! In the end she lost her tooth.
The attack, robbery and man entering their house had some amazingly good consequences as it strengthened their daughter, Heidi’s, faith. She testifies: “I know that the Lord was with us that day and that He protected us! He even heard my prayer that the robber would not hurt Mom when you ran after him! He ran faster than you!” Also, the possessed man that entered their house, caused a very good discussion with their believer friends who know that God is stronger than demons, but are sometimes still afraid of them. Pray that they will truly believe, not just know, that God is Almighty!
Recently, the Hattingh family learnt to cope without running water. Their water pump is broken, but the spare parts may arrive soon!
Their car is fixed. However, they need to sell this 22 year old vehicle. Pray for guidance and provision to buy another, reliable, strong vehicle. The local roads are just brutal to anything on wheels!
Francois and Nadia and family will be in South Africa for the first three months of 2015. Not only do they need rest, but they also want to help their kids’ transition into their high school programme by having them attend a school that uses the same one. They ask for prayer that they get a really good rest as a family, but especially for Francois whose health is suffering from overwork. They dream of maybe even a “real” holiday somewhere. God is good in giving them this opportunity to recuperate after a very demanding two and a half year period.
God’s timing has them in awe. Celebrating ten years in Mozambique as an organisation brought back so many memories, especially of God’s provision and direction over the last decade and more.

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