Answered prayer

Aaron is eating well again and just about back to normal after several weeks of being unwell. A heavy dose of antibiotics and many prayers really helped. They are thankful for the speedy recovery and the good advice they got from a local doctor!

In Amy’s literacy meeting they decided to start the new class in July although there is still tons to be prepared, printed and laminated before that can happen. Pray for Amy as she doing the biggest part of the work on the literacy materials.

Recently they had a good meeting with their co-worker. In the discussions with her about Glarro culture, they found out that they know a lot of the culture on a surface level but need to work on a deeper understanding of their beliefs before they can tailor the Bible teaching to their needs. Pray for their co-worker who is working on Bible translation; it is making progress again. 

Amy is checking parts of the translated Bible for comprehension. She was looking for someone who is able to help her with that. We thankful that she was able to find a couple of people who are able to help her with that.

Recently their language learning consultant visited at short notice and. They are grateful for a whole set of new ideas that should help Aaron to continue to improve his Glarro. Pray that Aaron will find some people he can spend time and study Glarro with, and try out some of the advice from their language consultant.

The SUMMIT team from England, arrives at the end of June. There are three team members plus the two leaders. (Anyone interested in joining them last minute is welcome.)

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